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17 people share the most insensitive thing anyone ever said to them.

17 people share the most insensitive thing anyone ever said to them.


Some people have absolutely no filter. That's the nice, filtered-person way of saying, "some people are straight up a**holes."

In a popular Reddit thread, people shared stories of the most insensitive questions they've ever been asked. You guys shared your own stories in the comments of the Facebook post, and they're rough.

If you've ever been insulted by an obnoxious stranger or somebody you thought was your friend, you're not the only one.

1. From Ashley W.:

While pregnant, I had someone ask me if my kid being born was going to enable me to be a citizen. 🤣 sorry Karen, I was born and raised in the US.

2. From Tiffany R.:

My youngest son has red hair (my husband and I have dark blond hair) and we've had multiple people walk up to us and ask "Who is the father?"

3. From Phil H.:

6th grade. Going through puberty with changing voice. At rehearsal for Christmas program with ALL the sixth-graders in school system when the music teacher asked what I was doing there. Seems she forgot to mention that my cracking voice was not wanted. Had to sit in auditorium seats watching everyone else sing for 2 hours (1970's, no cellular tech, no change for pay phone). Did not sing in public again for almost 20 years.

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