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22 people share the wisest or most useful thing they've been told in therapy.

22 people share the wisest or most useful thing they've been told in therapy.


Mental health is health, and going to therapy is like going to the gym........meaning, it can be way too expensive.

While the internet can often be a reason why people seek help in the first place, sometimes it offers some helpful resources. A Reddit thread asked people to share the wisest things they've learned in therapy, and the pearls of wisdom are even better than the ones on Pinterest.

Everyone should still go to therapy, and also enjoy these nuggets for free.

1. "Don't say anything to your present self that you wouldn't say to 5-year-old you."


2. "'Sometimes you have to run through the fire to get out of the burning building' in reference to being afraid of getting out of a situation or achieving a goal, overcoming obstacles."


3. "What if you don't have to prove you're 'worthy' or 'good enough' because all human beings are inherently worthy and good enough just because they're human beings? What if just being alive is justification enough of your worthiness?"


4. "Being anxious is an evolutionary response, and as such you don’t need to pathologize everything in your life. Anxiety can be warranted. Your body is just trying to save itself."


5. "Being told that you grieve after a break up just like you would after a death. Seems obvious, but I didn't see it that way, and it changed my entire perspective on things around after that."


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