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17 people share stories about their 'crazy ex.'

17 people share stories about their 'crazy ex.'


The only thing more frustrating than having a crazy girlfriend or boyfriend is having a crazy ex-girlfriend or boyfriend.

They know your secrets, they know your address, and they're out for revenge.

People on Reddit shared stories of what makes their exes fit the trope of the "crazy ex," and the stories range from the darkly funny to the straight up criminal. Nothing says "heartbreak" like a break-in.

Read these crazy ex stories to make sure you're not one of them.

1. Messy.

She tried to sacrifice me to a god of the sea (?) so she could have a child. -small-gay

2. A not-so-smooth criminal.

When he called the police to tell them I was “receiving drugs through the mail slot in my front door” then parked in front of my house after HE put drugs through my mail slot.

When the police arrived to talk to me my neighbor told them they had seen him do it and that he was still sitting in his car on the street watching. He was then arrested and charged with Possession, distribution, and violating a trespassing & restraining order. -213MC

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