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13 people who saved someone's life share their stories.

13 people who saved someone's life share their stories.

You don't need to be a doctor or a paramedic to save somebody's life—you just need to pay attention.

People on Reddit shared stories of the times they were everyday heroes and prevented people from dying. We can be heroes...

1. ChiliFlake didn't monkey around (and it's not mundane).

My own story is kinda mundane, but I did get a monkey out of it.

I was 11, it was probably a 4th of July picnic at my aunt's house. Around dusk, when the adults were all eating on the porch, and the kids were scattered who knows where, I was walking across the backyard to get something to eat. As I passed the pool, I saw a small body floating in it. I remember starting to take one of my velvet Mary-Janes off (my favorite shoes ever) before I realized I was being stupid and jumped in. It was my 20 month-old cousin, somehow he had crawled up the ladder and fell in. Cousin saved, yada yada.

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