13 teachers share the sneakiest way their students have cheated. Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

13 teachers share the sneakiest way their students have cheated. Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

Teachers are often criminally underappreciated, especially by their paychecks, so it's nice that there's at least one day when educators are trending on Twitter!

It's important to appreciate teachers for all the nonsense they have to deal with, like these clever and not-so-clever cheaters who put forth their effort in scheming rather than studying. A Reddit thread asked teachers for their stories, and here are the best ones.

1. alave with a different type of Snapple fact.

High school kids recreated a Snapple label where the nutrition panel on the back had all the answers, formulas, etc. only got caught because I’d never seen the flavor before and wanted to see how much sugar was in it.

2. itellteacherstories tells teacher stories, and Morse code is for real.

I was supervising a final chemistry exam along with another coworker. Not 15 minutes in, a hand slams down on a desk and I turn around expecting the worst, only to see my coworker angrily shouting at a pair of really frightened 10th graders whose desk he smashed. Amidst the shouting I caught the words, “Morse code”. The guy proceeded to take them to the office. I called a hallway supervisor to take over and ran after the group.

Apparently, the kids were silently tapping the answers amongst themselves in Morse code. Not even with their fingernails, just their fingertips. I never heard a thing, my coworker happened to catch “B” in Morse code or something. I honestly thought he finally went crazy solely because of his appearance, picture Robin Williams in Jumanji going WHAT YEAR IS IT. I’m 100% sure that if this coworker weren’t in the room, they’d have gotten away with it for sure.


3. Always read the fine print, Chaps_and_salsa.

I was grading a written assignment that had a 1000 word count minimum and one particular paper just felt really short to me despite word telling me it was roughly 1100 words long. On a hunch I hit CTRL-A and sure enough after the paper concluded there was a lot of white nonsense text on a white background.

4. sarahsuebob learned from the best.

I’m a high school teacher, but this story is about my own high school math teacher playing us and “cheating.”

It was an honors algebra/geometry class, and it was well known that Mr D re-used the same questions every year, just changed the numbers. He made a big deal about making sure we all gave our exam papers back to him after we had looked at our scores and gone over everything together to prevent cheating for the next year.

Well, of course, some of my classmates got their hands on a complete set of tests from the previous year. Soon, everyone had a set. Before each exam, we would sit together and make sure we knew how to solve every problem on that test so we could do it on the real exam with different numbers.

Years later, when I became a teacher myself, I saw Mr D at a funeral. I confessed to him that this is what we used to do. He smirked and said “Who do you think leaked the test packet to get you to study?” Mr D had figured out that kids won’t study if the teacher suggests it, but if they think they’re getting away with something, they totally will, so he managed to get a test packet out and circulating as contraband. Blew my mind.


5. All students were teachers once, like BjornBeetleBorg.

Kid wrote the answers to a history test tiny on a piece of paper and rolled it into a clear blue pen only visible from maybe a foot away. only caught him because he wasn’t playing it cool trying to read be pen. also it tipped me off because I did that once in high school.

6. aabbccbb with the dumbest of the dumb.

One guy photocopied an article out of National Geographic, complete with the magazine headings and page numbers, and turned it in as his own work.

Oh, no, wait. That was the dumbest.


7. Tatem1961 isn't a teacher but this is just too funny.

In my college English class in Japan a professor had an "open anything that isn't connected to the internet" test. One student brought an American.

8. goodie23 will follow you into the bathroom.

We had to supervise when a student went to the bathroom during end of school exams and if they used a stall I was meant to check it while they washed their hands. Someone had to be the cause of that rule.


9. Kindergarteners cheat too, according to hmboo.

I taught kindergarten (I teach another grade now), and between 5-6 is a really interesting age. There’s a cognitive development that occurs between 5-7 where children become much more aware of the perspective of others, and therefore learn how to deceive their peers.

I could always tell when a student was a little ahead of the curve when they would cheat during games or activities. I caught one student during a math game deal out all of the low number cards to his peer while he kept all of the high number cards. He kept winning every single round. I walked around the classroom and stopped to watch these two students. The student who was dealt the low cards had no awareness that he had been dealt a shitty hand and was happily playing while the other student won every round and was cheering.

I had to stop the game to scold the student who was cheating, but in the back of my head I was just impressed that he was smart enough to cheat.


10. kindcrow knows about decoy phones.

I used to have students leave their phones at the front of the room, so they couldn't cheat. Twice I caught students with second phones. So dumb because they used their second phones to go to the course site and I could see who was on the course site--there was even a record of the exact time and exactly what resources they looked at. Both claimed it was a misunderstanding.


11. Blair_Bubbles knows the nail art trends.

My friend is a teacher of high school age students for math class. One girl had these reallllly long nails and would stare at them for quite some time....

Turns out, she printed out all the math formulas and stuck them under her long nails so she could quick reference them for the test.

12. 8nijda8 has been there, done that.

I have to remind my middle school students that I used to be one myself so I know what I’m looking for.

However, one girl I tutor told me that she sits next to the coat rack in her classroom and she puts answers in a coat pocket and she’s able to see it. She also writes everything she doesn’t know on her palm in pink ink so it’s easier to wipe off in an emergency.


13. daydreamer5000 is cool with loopholes..

Not cheating per say, but I was a substitute teacher a year or so ago. The instructions left for me stated that no one is allowed to have their cell phones to listen to music. So when 3rd period rolled around I told the class what they were doing for the day and let them know I had instructions not to let them have their phones to listen to music. One student raises their hand, I answer and ask "what's up"? He just kinda smiles and asked, "what if we have a Walkman"? I looked at him and was like what? He literally had an old 90's portable Walkman cassette player! I just answered, "well the instructions do say cell phones, so touche dude"! I was known to be pretty chill as a sub lol!