You're not the only person who's obsessed with true crime. You're also not the only person in the room right now...or are you?

She is starting to get very paranoid and wants to make huge changes to the house.

This kind of true crime-induced paranoia can affect both podcast listeners and the people who love them.

A guy posted on "Am I The A**hole", "[Would I Be The A**hole] if I ask my wife to stop listening to crime podcasts?" and was quick to acknowledge, "Title probably sounds bad but here we go."

He wrote:

I am not a controlling person in my marriage. If my wife wants to go out she goes out, if she wants to buy something she generally gets it, if she wants to watch Vampire Diaries for 750,000th time go for it (while I watch something else elsewhere).


His wife isn't just obsessed with vampires, but real killers, too.

But recently she’s started listening to a true crime podcast and it’s starting to affect our daily life. Since listening to this podcast, which she tells me is about unsolved murders, she is starting to get very paranoid and wants to make huge changes to the house that I don’t personally feel are necessary and are not worth the money.

He thinks that her desired renovations have gone from sensible to extreme:

She wants to add door and window alarms which is fine, I don’t personally want them but I can manage with those.

But now she wants to switch out our exterior doors with new ones that don’t have a window at all and also is looking into buying bars for the windows in case someone tries to break in through there.

We do not live in a dangerous neighborhood at all and the crime map online I can look at shows a single case of domestic violence in a 2 mile radius of our house.

Would I be the a**hole if I ask her to stop listening to this podcast and try to work through her newfound fright in a different way?

Also of note as it’s definitely important we do have an almost 3 year old that she is of course worried about and could be fueling the majority of this.


People on the forum related to both spouses.

"[Not The A**hole], I am interested in true crime but I never demanded to turn our house into the DMZ," nashamagirl99 commented. "Wife sounds paranoid."

Salmonellq went with "No A**hole Here." "Maybe your wife is overreacting a little, but nobody's an asshole. Her intentions are good, so are yours," they wrote.

"(No A**hole Here)," sje223 agreed. "Your wife is a concerned mother with new information at her fingertips looking to protect her family, you are a concerned husband who wants to ensure that your wife isn't unnecessarily adding to her anxiety."


It's safe to say that this podcast fan could benefit from diversifying her media diet. She should consider watching something with a little less murder...something like RuPaul's Drag Race.