Salt Bae is up to his old tricks again. The Turkish chef responsible for giving us a way to express that feeling when you add a bit *extra* in life just voted in a Turkish referendum in exactly the way you'd expect.

İşlem tamam#saltbae #saltlife #salt

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What a strange thing, for the subject of an accidental viral meme to start doing an impression of himself on purpose. It almost feels a bit hollow to become a caricature of oneself instead of simply appreciating the brief wave of fame and then letting it subside. "Stop clinging to it," I think, wishing his ego the ability to let fame fade. But alas, we always want more.


And here I am, writing a post about it, perpetuating Salt Bae's stretch of internet fame, giving him what he wanted, which, in truth, we all want: to be loved, to be remembered.

Never forget.

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