Always listen to Grumpy Cat.

People just can't keep their hands off Grumpy Cat! Especially not the grave robbers who dug this up decades ago before selling it to collectors, who in turn finally sold it to the American Museum of Natural History. We all knew we loved him because of his curmudgeonly mug, but it turns out it might also be because he's a feline Highlander: this statue is probably around 2,000 years old. In all likelihood, it originated in the villages of the Viru Valley between 500 B.C. and 1000 A.D. and is probably modeled after an Andean cat, one of the smallest wild cats in existence and one of the most endangered (maybe because it's always giving people nasty looks). It could also be a kitten - a jaguar, puma or ocelot kitten, which would make that frown a lot scarier.

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