26 times art history was all of us.

26 times art history was all of us.

1. That time you wrote "your" instead of "you're" on Facebook.

2. Every time you went to Chipotle.

3. When rent was due and you bought this for your cat and now you don't have enough to pay rent.

4. Every time you try a new coffee shop.

5. That time your kid repeated something bad you said about your mother-in-law, to your mother-in-law.

6. Every time you tried to show off to someone you like.

7. That time you thought camping would be fun, but then learned you'd have to do it without looking at your phone.

8. Every time he invited you over to "watch a movie."


9. That time you got a little too sexy.

10. That time you tried to fight that guy in the bar even though he was twice your size and you've never been in a fight.

11. Every time you saw the read receipt but no reply.

12. That time you thought you heard your name being uttered in the next room, so you popped in.


13. Every time your jam comes on.

14. That time he tried to to convince you how good Battlestar Galactica is.

15. Every time you've ever gotten drunk.

16. Every time they told you not to do something.


17. That time she asked what "Brazzers" was.

18. Every time a magazine made you feel bad about your body.

19. That time you had a three hour chat about whether your ex was hotter than your current girlfriend.

26 times art history was all of us.

20. Every time you came out of a company wide meeting.


21. That time you didn't have to pretend to be 37-year-old Utah resident "Edward O'Houlihan" anymore.

22. That time you realized you should have majored in business like your dad told you to.

23. Every time you're hanging with your friends, getting lit.

24. That time you tried a YouTube tutorial.


25. Every time you're trying to get one more $4 top shelf Margarita.

26. Every time someone tries to convince that Bernie would have won.

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