15 Times God Gave Sexters The Smiting They Deserve

15 Times God Gave Sexters The Smiting They Deserve

"Beloved, I urge you to abstain from fleshly lusts which wage war against the soul." 1 Peter 2:11

Yea that's right, you heard God. Don't lust! Which, FYI, pretty much means don't sext, so it should come as no surprise that the Lord himself occasionally looks down from above and smites people for indulging in the desires of the flesh.

Perhaps the most potent example of this smiting is using his God powers to send a sext meant for one person to someone completely different. Like...

1. When He let some stranger see this lady's a**.


2. And when He let some stranger see this lady's boobs.


3. When He exposed this woman's bestiality.


4. When He taught this woman that sending nudes is the devil's work.


5. When He taught this Jezebel that true followers of the Lord will not be tempted by her evil ways.


6. When He taught this daughter the difference between Dad and Dan.


7. When He taught this mother...


8. And this mother...


9. And this mother, that the Lord is not above making your children suffer for your sins as well.


10. When He ruined this woman's friendship.


11. When He forever changed the relationship between this father and daughter.


12. When He made a fool out of a sinner trying to lead another of God's sheep astray.


13. When He ruined Spring Break 2014.


14. When He forced this woman to feel genuine sorrow.


15. When He just let this mortally embarrassing moment happen.