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23 people share the moment they realized they'd made a huge mistake.

23 people share the moment they realized they'd made a huge mistake.


Anyone who's made a huge mistake at some point in life (so, all of us) knows that feeling when you first realize you f*cked up. Your pulse races. Your heart sinks into your stomach. And time seems to slow down as you mentally scroll through the potential consequences of what you've done. Happens to me almost every day when I think back on half the decisions I made in my 20's.

Someone asked Reddit: "at what moment did you know, you f*cked up?" These 23 people share their most terrifying and mortifying "OOPS!" moments:

1.) From shroom2021:

Someone pulled the fire alarm in my building. I went outside to see what was up, but there was no fire. I walked down 3 flights of stairs to get to the one that was pulled and see if there was anything amiss. It was 2 in the morning and I can't say that I was completely in the moment. First thing I noticed was the bloody hand print on the wall, then the trail of blood going out the back door. I called the police and was directing them to our building when I notice that my feet were wet. I looked down and saw that I had been standing in a puddle of blood and my socks were now saturated. He is an excerpt of how the call went after I noticed this:
ME: Hey uh, so I'm not sure if you get asked this much
911: Go ahead, any information may be helpful
ME: I just realized i'm standing in the blood. Do I need to stay where I am now? It's kinda gross.
911: No sir, you don't need to stay there
ME: Do I need to take off my socks or anything? Are they evidence now? I don't know how this works.
911: No sir, you can just get out of the blood and clean yourself
ME: Ok, but do I need to...
ME: k......

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