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22 people who have an entitled 'Karen' as a parent share what it's like.

22 people who have an entitled 'Karen' as a parent share what it's like.

In the past few years, the term "Karen" has entered the mainstream as a tongue-in-cheek way to describe a particular type of person—usually female, middle-aged, Caucasian, and known for terrorizing people in the service industry with her unreasonable demands. "Karenism" has has nothing to do with the actual name Karen (shout out to all the kind, reasonable Karens out there!), and everything to do with entitlement and privilege.

Someone on Reddit asked "Children of 'karens', what is it like to be their child?" These 19 people share what it's like to have a parent who fits the "Karen" stereotype.

It does NOT sound easy. But on the plus-side: one thing that seems to be true for most children of Karens is that they learn from their parent's bad behavior and end up being the complete opposite. Huge kudos to all the Karen 2.0's out there for breaking the cycle!

1.) From oyiboifeoma:

When i was young, I hated it. She would yell and throw fits in public when she didn't get her way. As an adult I think its made me way too easy going. I remember the anxiety and anger that she would exude. It was exhausting. So now I am careful with who I keep around in my life as to protect my energy. I try not to worry about things I cant control. And I have respect and empathy for people.

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