Are you planning to thank your mother for giving you life this Mother's Day? Stop being such a boring disappointment, and thank her for one of these original things instead.

This year, don't get your mom a dumb gift. She'll probably hate it and hate you for having terrible taste. (via Thinkstock)

Your mom has given you so much more than life — so why do you always spend Mother's Day just thanking mom for giving birth to you? Here are five totally original things your mom gave to you that you can thank her for this year.

1. Your sense of constant, crushing anxiety.

Your mom did a great job worrying about things that would never, ever be a problem — and she did such a great job at passing that lesson on to you. Thank her for that time she stopped you from talking to the mailman because she thought he could be a child molester, or all the times she turned the car around on vacation just to make sure the house was locked, or that special time when you were three and she taught you how to use a fire extinguisher because "Someday mommy might pass out and need you to save us both."