- Take me out for a romantic evening or you'll never see me naked again.

Between Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the internet, there are plenty of things demanding everyone's attention. It's time to make some demands of your own. These somewhat threatening ransom cards will make people think you're just unhinged enough that they should take note. See all Ransom Cards >> - I have ugly photos of you and will tag you in them if my demands aren't met. - Put away your phone and nobody gets hurt. - Keep ignoring my texts and I swear to god I will leave a voicemail. - Post one more thing about your workout regimen and I'll start posting pictures of when you were fat. - You're buying drinks tonight or else I'm telling everyone what you don't remember doing last night. - If you ever want to see me alive again reply to my emails in a timely fashion. - Follow me back or I'l never favorite one of your tweets again. - Update your relationship status on Facebook or this relationship really will get complicated. - Take me to see Hunger Games or I'll never go down on you again. - Do your timesheets if you ever want to see your paycheck again.


See all Ransom Cards >>