9 Muslim women shared how they honestly feel about wearing (or not wearing) a hijab.

9 Muslim women shared how they honestly feel about wearing (or not wearing) a hijab.

If you're not Muslim, you may have lots of seemingly un-askable questions about what it's like to wear a hijab, a traditional headscarf: Have you been coerced? Do you feel more safe with that on? Why are you trying to attract attention to your religion? Aren't you hot under there?

9 Muslim women shared how they honestly feel about wearing (or not wearing) a hijab.
The blue and pink scarves are hijabs, and that pink one is apparently quite delicious.
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Thankfully, 9 women posted to the AskWomen section of reddit explaining why they wear religious garb in a time when being Muslim is highly misunderstood.

1. tamataaaa admits she wears it only out of family obligation.

I (have to) wear it and I fucking hate it more than anything. I have to because it's a part of my family's tradition. It's not required by law

I absolutely hate what it represents and feel a growing resentment towards it.

It's not really JUST a "piece of cloth", yet it is. It bears a heavy weight on my shoulders (almost literally) and my heart, and it makes me feel ugly and fake.

2. ​YayCookiesForever insists that coercion isn't the only reason women wear them.

I do wear a hijab and I love it. The women in my family have always worn it to show our love for God and I am happy to continue the tradition.

I only have one thing to say to people who insist a woman can't wear one without being forced or coerced: fuck off.


3. ​5988 does not wear one despite her family's wishes, but has a deep knowledge of the culture.

I come from a Muslim background. I don't wear one.

I personally feel pretty uncomfortable wearing one. :( My family does not force me, though I know they wish I did.

All families are different, and some will force their daughters to wear them but it's totally inaccurate to assume that a hijab-wearing muslim is doing it because she's forced.

I can't speak about what its like to wear it publicly but I do have friends who have encountered harassment due to their hijabs, unfortunately. I'm both surprised (and glad) that most seem to have overwhelmingly positive experiences with wearing them.


4. keepcalmandrunon is a med student who wears hers at a hospital and says it hasn't slowed her down at all.

I wear a hijab, have for most of my life, and haven't felt any real animosity! Sure, there are second glances and too long stares from some but nothing too unbearable :)

My biggest worry was if my patients would feel uncomfortable around me (just a med student) but but they've been great! My concern was whether they'd feel uncomfortable or ask to see someone else, but no one has seemed surprised/unsettled and we've gotten along fabulously, alhamdulillah :)

I consider it an integral part of me so I pretty much take it into consideration when getting dressed. Fashion is a huge part of my life so I make sure it complements my outfit or vice-versa if I'm rocking a particularly cool hijab :)


5. theskyissobluetoday explains that although sometimes people try to grab it off her head, the hijab doesn't change the way she acts.

I wear hijab, I live in a busy suburb, not too far from a city and I'm indifferent to it by now. It's become a part of my routine and kind of a part of myself, so if someone touches it, threatens to rip it off (jokingly or serious, it happens all too often for me to take it as a joke) I become kind of uncomfortable.

But it hasn't really restricted me from doing anything or acting in any way like 'toned down' or less blatant than I would be just because of the way I look.


6. By contrast, ZanimeFreak feel like it makes her more toned down so she won't stand out and invite harassment.

I was born in the UK and have been wearing hijab for over 10 years (I'm 20 now). Luckily I haven't had any hostility directly towards me but I do often feel like I'm treated slightly different to if I didn't wear hijab, like people tend to think I'm very conservative and withdrawn. I'm usually quite outgoing but I do have to admit that wearing it has probably made me a little more shy since I don't want to stand out as much in fear that someone will harass me for what I wear.

7. summerproject16 made a conscious decision to start wearing one once she became an adult, and continues to wear it despite fears it will cause someone will attack her.

I started wearing the hijab 2 years ago after finishing high school. I had gone to a Christian high school and that opened me to have questions about Islam and Christianity too. Then I reached a conclusion that I should wear it.

I feel like the odd one out since I started wearing it. I am doing a major full of guys(computer science) and being one of three girls who are in my class:I look different racially and religion wise.

I have made some friends;probably 3 in my major. I feel like people have judged me already by how I dress but seriously I don't give much thought to it.

I have picked running and I get weird glances all the time when I go to the gym or do trail running which I stopped after the Orlando shooting. All I wear is a cloth that covers my bun plus baseball hat and normal gym wear.

My biggest fear is a guy will just beat me up one of these days since I am petite and too nosy+adventurous and like going everywhere alone if my friends are not up to it.

I went to a Jazz festival last week with my white friend and her family and the public scrutiny was too much. My friend sensed and asked if I felt uncomfortable that we could just leave the place.

Other than that, I have had people approach me and ask me where I am from and some tell me my hijab looks pretty.

The computer science department has great professors and are awesome. I haven't felt any discrimination from them either.

I stand out too. I went to a hockey tournament with one of my friends from Texas and a random guy I didn't knew a month later told me that I looked familiar and later on said that he saw me at the hockey tournament.

8. cannothearunlesssee explains she only wears hers during religious moments.


I am a muslim woman and only wear scarf to pray. Feels nice and secure. I have worn it on daily basis for a few months as well. My family was totally against wearing it on daily basis.

9. OfficialUSA is answering for her friend, who wears a niqab, which covers the face, leaving only room for the eyes to see through.

It does get really, really hot. My niqaabi friend sweats around where the niqaab falls on her face. Also, with wearing the niqaab, you get used to breathing less air. I tried it on once and was so surprised that it's hard to breathe! My friend said that you get used to it but I'm still amazed haha

The etiquette is the same, you can still approach them, they're still people lol. They wear the niqaab for some extra religious reasons.

9 Muslim women shared how they honestly feel about wearing (or not wearing) a hijab.
This is a stock photo of what is probably a non-Muslim woman modeling a niqab, but hey at least they had one.
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Bonus answer from animflynny2012, an atheist man who is dating a Muslim woman.

My girlfriend is Muslim and wears the headscarf. I'm an atheist. For the record on our first talks over a dating app I thought it would lead to nothing due to religion and also be wearing that damn head scarf. Then I met her on the first date and damn, she looked amazing, amazing enough to floor me and then she hit me with the double whammy, her intelligence was so far beyond mine. We've been together a year and I've not questioned her choice of wearing it. If your happy and most comfortable (which she swears she is) wearing what you do, don't change people.


It's great he doesn't question her choice in wearing that scarf, but is it wrong to question her choice in dating a much dumber dude? Get out there, girl!