God Hates Condolences!

When members of the Westboro Baptist Church showed up, with all their standard hate signs, to protest outside a Lorde concert in Kansas City, Missouri (for reasons that no doubt made sense to them), they were met by a group of counter-protesters who were holding a banner that wasn't so much a protest sign as a pro-humanity sign.

I don't know what evil genius came up with the "Sorry For Your Loss" idea, but its decidedly non-caustic message really seemed to confuse the religious extremists whose former leader Fred Phelps passed away last week. "I don't even know what they're saying," one Westboro member told KSHB News. What is this pleasant sensation I'm feeling? It's almost like... not-hate. I did not know there was a not-hate. In the end, I'm sure they just chalked the warm wishes up to Satan and went about their night.

Sources: KSHB | h/t Talking Points Memo