Mackelmore (sic). The conscientious rapper that will get kids to love math!

Comic sans font and misspelled rapper name aside, the saddest thing about this is the fact that the teacher — who apparently Googled "pop cultural figures my students probably enjoy" —  probably could have waited a few months and Macklemore would have ended up releasing a track about how cool long-division is. The guy already has a track about Malcolm Gladwell for God's sake. Or if the teacher had enough money, Macklemore would have written a custom word problem track solely for this class. He already rewrote his anti-consumerism, sneakers-are-bad track "Wings" specifically to help the NBA sell sneakers. Why wouldn't he spit a math problem for the right price? Not sure how the class took to this effort, but the one thing we do know for sure: the slippers cost $3 or less.

Sources: Redditor weedy_edy