Sometimes, teachers just have to respect all the hard work students put into their projects, even if that project is a prank. April Fools Day is anxious in the classroom, where mischief can strike at any moment. These April Fools pranks show that when students are passionate and focused, students really can accomplish anything.

1. The Pregnancy Prank

This one is already stuff of legend, with over 54 million views on YouTube. Masterful in its realism and execution, these students turned their professor's rule that all incoming phone calls be put on speakerphone into perfect cringe comedy.


2. The Flash Mob Prank

These girls put on an impressive production, with a stellar pivot from the lecture on the Industrial Revolution. The teacher's reaction, caught on two cameras, is priceless.

3. The Airhorn Prank

A hidden airhorn is a next-level whoopi cushion that makes regular old farts seem mundane. This one comes with its own sample for a diss track.


3. The Bluetooth Speaker Prank

This teacher just seems like most fun uncle at the barbecue, who isn't mad when you accidentally throw the frisbee up on the roof, just disappointed.

4. The Saran Wrap Prank

If only he were the sex ed teacher: he could use this as a metaphor for sperm and condoms.

5. The Penis Prank


This Sharpie trick is worth the fine for vandalism.

6. The Dance Party Prank

You don't need music to throw an incredible dance party—just a crew willing to risk detention.

7. The Roll Call Prank

Mike Hock, close personal friend of Mike Hunt, Seymour Butts and Munchma Quchi.

8. The Computer Smash Prank


One would think that the dude who smashes a computer would be the angriest person in this video, but no—this one's all about the teacher's reaction.