Easily the worst thing that's happened in Galveston, Texas in recent memory.

Toeing the fine line between genius and insanity.
(screengrab via Click2Houston)

Some look at things as they are and ask why, others dream of things that never were and ask why not?

Texas A&M professor Irwin Horwitz asked "why not?" this week when he officially failed every single student taking his class. He claims he did so because of several instances of cheating and also because he was told to "chill out." I know which I think is a more egregious offense.

His students were likely thinking the way all students have thought since school was invented by Socrates: we can't all flunk or else it means the professor is bad at teaching. They were wrong. You can fail an entire class any time you want. Irwin also resigned from teaching the course itself, so not only would students not get credit, but he gave himself a vacation too! One that is likely to go longer than he'd hoped.

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