A woman in Florida appropriately named Christian Kayla Normandin has attracted the Internet's attention with a 15-minute video she posted on Facebook ranting about her son's history textbook. Her son, a sophomore, was issued a textbook in his World History class containing numerous references to Islamic history and its influence on the world, as well as an entire 40 page chapter dedicated to the history of Islam and the Islamic Empires. 40 whole pages! In a World History book! About one of the major forces in world history! Normandin tagged her video with this description:

Here is the video I promised about my sons 6th period World history class for sophomores . I did a basic overview of the whole 40 page chapter and other paragraphs on other issues. We need to put an end to this now!! I have contacted the principal again on this and am waiting on the call and will record the call!! So give me your opinions and questions and I'll answer them the best I can.

Sources: Facebook: Christian Kayla Normandin