When University of Wisconsin college student Trevor Keeney got pulled over by a cop for speeding last month, he probably did not expect to leave the interaction with, essentially, a new dad.

Instead of getting slapped with a speeding ticket, he got a lesson in tying neck ties from a very understanding and fatherly cop. I rarely go "aww!" over a story involving cops, so this is refreshing.

Turns out, Keeney was speeding because he was trying to find a friend to help him tie his necktie before an important presentation. The cop who pulled him over, officer Martin Folcyzk from the Menomonie Police Department, came to his rescue: he tied his necktie for him, made sure his license and registration checked out, and then sent him on his way with a warning.


What a mensch!

You can watch the whole interaction here:

Keeney told ABC News that he went on to get a 92 on his presentation. And that's not all: the Menomonie police chief apparently invited him to the station for a lesson in the "art" of tying a necktie.

"I went back and met with him for about 30 minutes and he taught me! It was cool," Keeney told ABC News.


If only all cops could be this chill.

Sources: ABC