Cheating on tests is an age-old method for avoiding studying. A recent AskReddit thread shows cheating is alive and well—and always will be because kids hate studying. The follow 15 students who embarked on the perilous journey of deceiving their teachers and committing fraud lived to tell the tale all while acing their exams. Just kidding! Some of them still didn't do well, even when they cheated. 

1. How did hollowm00n's professor not see this move coming?

So in one class at uni we were required to take a two hour written final, supplying our own "blue book." something you buy at the book store. Well the professor decided to give us our topic question in order to better prepare for this two hour write sesh. Bought two blue books, perfected one at home and brought a blank to class. I drew pictures in class for two hours, put it in my backpack and when walking to the front of the class to turn in I pulled my extremely revised blue book out and turned it in.

Sources: h/t Bro Bible