In this day and age, we constantly have Google at our fingertips. And since kids always have their phones on them, cheating on tests has never been easier. But one Romanian dictionary is putting its foot down.

Last year, the DEX online dictionary noticed a spike in searches for certain words during a mock test for the National Evaluation. This discovery raised concerns that Grade 8 students were consulting the dictionary to cheat on their exams.


This year, the dictionary was prepared. They played a brilliant (albeit slightly mean) trick on cheating students. They altered the definitions of the most-searched words.

According to DEX online administrators, students searching for the word "pretutindeni," which means "everywhere," would have found it defined on the dictionary's site as "eternal or forever." The definition for "to spot" was also changed to "to rush."

It seems the dictionary was on to something. According to Mashable, the words on the exam were only searched nine times before the test started. It spiked to hundreds of requests from 9AM to 11AM, the time the test was administered.


Sneaky dictionary! That'll teach those stinking kids! (JK, kids. You're great. Stay in school.)

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