People shared the dumbest things they ever did as teenagers and lived to tell about it.

People shared the dumbest things they ever did as teenagers and lived to tell about it.

As we march headfirst toward the election, many people are questioning why we put an age limit on voting. This list should settle that question forever. Here are 13 incredibly dumb things people admitted they did as teenagers, proving exactly why no one should be allowed to make decisions before they turn 18.

1. robert9712000 makes a great case to only have one child.

Me and my brother decided to play William Tell. I didn't have an apple and I wasn't dumb enough to put the can on my head. Instead I placed a empty pop can in my hand for my brother to shoot off with a BB gun. Shockingly he missed the can and lodged the BB in my finger.

My mom then took me to the doctor's office, were he tried to remove it. He couldn't remove it since it was lodged in the joint of my finger. He then suggested to just give it time and it would naturally work itself to the surface.

In time it did just that. Once it started to bulge just under the skin on the side of my finger, my dad took a razor blade and cut my finger open. The BB just popped on out and all was well.

2. pooka50465046 found out that no one had his back.

I farted while we were spread out sitting on the ground in my gym class. Everyone looked behind towards me and I looked behind me, only to see that I was looking at a wall.

3. sightlab had a hankering for ye olden days.

I tied 2x4s to my legs & ropes to my steering wheel, sat with my legs through my sunroof, and tried to drive my car like a stagecoach. It "worked", but the car ended up in a ditch.


4. YoureaNarwhal found a way to make a microwave smell even worse.

I microwaved my sandals.

5. King_Pollox had a policy making system so stupid it rivals our government.

My older brother and I moved in together when I turned 18 so he could show me some of the basics of living away from home for the first time.

We developed a complex decision making system where each person marked a piece of bread in some way, buttered it, and threw it at the ceiling so it stuck. The person whose bread stayed there the longest got their way. This also developed into a spending policy, where if you wanted to make a spur of the moment purchase, the voice of reason buttered a slice of bread and stuck it, once it fell, the person could make the purchase. More often than not, by the time the bread fell, the urge to buy had passed.


6. Smeggywulff developed a taste for the finer things.

My friends and I used to break into very posh houses and take showers. We didn't steal anything. We just took showers. Not even together, no racy, sexy, orgies. Just luxury showers.

7. Before applegrumble made it to high school, he was a real jerk.

As a 13 year old boy...

Somewhere in the depths of the security cams archive at a certain department store chain, is me masturbating in the ladies section to a picture of a woman in her underwear.

I only noticed the camera after I finished.


8. HRHill doesn't say if they were drunk or high, but they had to have been drunk or high.

I snuck out to do teenagerly things at around midnight and got back at around 4 in the morning. I very slowly, agonizingly slowly, took my keys out of my pocket, selected the correct key, inserted it into the front door lock at a speed of one tumbler per fortnight, rotated it counterclockwise while palming the rest of the keys so as to not let them jingle and successfully unlocked the door. I removed the key from the lock at the same snails pace and put my keys back in my right front pocket. I went to reach for the doorknob and rang the doorbell. That was when I died.


9. At least mattortz admits he was high for this.

One time I walked into class high, sat at my desk, and tried to put on my seat belt.

10. emmach17 put his life on the line but won't let anyone else do it.

Walked home alone at 3am multiple times across a bridge known locally as 'stabby bridge'.

EDIT-I'm not gonna tell you all where it is other than it is definitely in England

EDIT-Jesus Christ it's in Newcastle and not the bridge near Murano in Glasgow

11. Ser_Rodrick_Cassel basically did the same thing.

dared a guy to stab me. guy stabbed me.


12. Death_proofer explains the only bright thing he did in his life.

I owned this camera that had a really bright flash. It was soo bright that if you took a picture of someone like 1 and a half meters away all you would see is a white outline then the background. I put the flash right up to my eye and took a picture. That eye was blind for about a minute and everything that was white appeared orange for the next 30 minutes.

13. And finally, Lyd_Euh had to have a bachelor(ette) party using fake IDs.

Got married at 18.