As we march headfirst toward the election, many people are questioning why we put an age limit on voting. This list should settle that question forever. Here are 13 incredibly dumb things people admitted they did as teenagers, proving exactly why no one should be allowed to make decisions before they turn 18.

1. robert9712000 makes a great case to only have one child.

Me and my brother decided to play William Tell. I didn't have an apple and I wasn't dumb enough to put the can on my head. Instead I placed a empty pop can in my hand for my brother to shoot off with a BB gun. Shockingly he missed the can and lodged the BB in my finger.

My mom then took me to the doctor's office, were he tried to remove it. He couldn't remove it since it was lodged in the joint of my finger. He then suggested to just give it time and it would naturally work itself to the surface.

In time it did just that. Once it started to bulge just under the skin on the side of my finger, my dad took a razor blade and cut my finger open. The BB just popped on out and all was well.