18 teachers who let their students know how they really feel.

18 teachers who let their students know how they really feel.

Teaching seems like a pretty cush job. You get to be inside all day, earn a pension, and shape the growing minds of tomorrow's citizens. Children are the future! But in the present-day, and in the classroom they tend to be willfully ignorant jerks trying to troll their teachers (quite successfully, we might add).

1. Do you teach that class, too?

We all have that teacher who inspired us to work harder.

2. The fiercest of all weapons.

Better dead than red.

3. Put your hands up.

But Jupiter? Jupiter is thirsty.

4. Orange you glad I wrote this note?

[Falls asleep reading really long teacher's note]

5. The test ultimately received a Beeeeeeeeeeee.

Rage, Cage.

6. TL; DR.

This is pretty much how it works in Montessori schools.

7. Your suspicions are true.

Gym teachers

8. Getting into a row.

How did they know?

9. Judy strikes again.

Yeah, and you're no Heather Locklear yourself, Judy.

10. Teacher's coffee smells funny.

This is why you weren't allowed in the teachers' lounge.

11. Cold-blooded.

And the teacher's bear is better drawn.

12. Pure evil.

Evil genius.

13. Canoe trip!

Yeah, reading sucks.

14. Well, maybe it was a heffalump.


15. Too much homework for Jesus.

Don't get on Facebook when you're fairy pissed off.

16. Nobody hates school more than teachers.

Student shall never pass teacher.

17. A permanent solution.

That's not teacher talk. That's

18. Let the student really know what you see in store for them.

Attach a fast food application to an F-graded paper. SICK BURN.