17 of the most hilarious things to ever be printed in a yearbook.

17 of the most hilarious things to ever be printed in a yearbook.


Church and state were separated that day. (Via)

Considering that nearly all documentation of our lives is now digital, your little space in the yearbook might be the last time you ever get to occupy actual print. You could waste it with a boring pic and an inspirational Neil Degrasse Tyson quote like the rest of the sheeple. Or, you could do what these people did, and leave a mark that your classmates will remember. One day in the future those people you went to school with will pull down that yearbook and remember when. Make sure they think, "Oh yeah, that classmate was the funny classmate. I should have married him/her."



"Best Buddies."



In a couple years it'll be the only option.



Teachers giving a little peek into what goes on in the lounge.




Know what you're the best at. Then own it.



Teamwork. To the end.


He provided so many great quotes, it was hard to choose just one.



Ahem. "Right well."


This was on every page of the yearbook. It just wouldn't stop.




Jason apparently got that a lot.



Please go into wrestling.



Tomas was up all night writing to come up with those.




They didn't even think twice at the being taught "Youth" part?



How could it have chosen anyone else?



They print wookie swear words in this?



You have your whole life ahead of you to make up your mind.




Running a major investment bank within the next five years...guaranteed.

(by Bob Powers)