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23 people share the biggest scandals from their high schools.

23 people share the biggest scandals from their high schools.

Every high school has had at least one scandal. If you think your school didn't, they were probably just really good at covering it up.

Someone asked Reddit: "What was your school's huge scandal?" These 23 people share the wild, shocking, and disturbing scandals that took place at their high school:

1.) From koh3epb4:

A geography teacher caught a history teacher banging his wife in the school library. The history teacher was his best man at the wedding.

Also, a PE teacher threw a janitor through a door during class.

It is regarded as one of the best schools in my country.

2.) From BenignOracle:

I guess this is one since it made the regional news. was that a French teacher had vocabulary test where you would stand by the closed classroom door and he would quiz you on the repeated French vocabulary errors you made. If made the mistake again he would lightly underhand toss a volleyball at the back of your head. A student had recorded on their phone and once a parent found out they went straight to the news. I know my mom started freaking out and my older brother said yes he remembers it and it apparently improved vocabulary and grammar.

Sources: Reddit
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