On Monday, Amanda Durbin, a senior at Edmonson County High in Kentucky, was asked by the Principal Tommy Hodges to get on her knees so he could measure her dress length. It was done in the interest of enforcing a strict dress code, which stipulates that dresses can end no more than six inches above the knee.

Here's the scarlet sweater dress with leggings that the school feels could cause utter mayhem:

Do you see a white dress or a red dress?
Do you see a white dress or a red dress?

She originally passed the dress code, but when Hodges had her raise her arms to see if the dress would ride up, it was measured at 8 inches above the knee. They're really looking for technicalities over at Edmonson High. If that hadn't busted her, they probably would've tickled her nose with a feather to see if a sneeze raised her skirt. Not surprisingly, Durbin was uncomfortable with this procedure:

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