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Obviously this is fake, anyone with memes this dank would get a full ride.
(via CitizenPoke)

This Harvard rejection letter has been bouncing around the Internet today, first on reddit and then on BuzzFeed a few hours later. I'll let you take a moment to read this letter first, because it is swagtastically hilarious and, for lack of a better word, fire.

What's even funnier, though, is how many people took this at face value. It's unknown whether BuzzFeed knew whether or not this was real when they posted it, but it is known that there is almost no circumstance in which they would care. For good reason: it's irrelevant to how funny it is. They did, however, crop out the top of the picture. This indicates they wanted people to believe it for as long as possible (which, again, is just good business), because the top contained the logo of a high school humor magazine.