Nothing says you worked tirelessly for your college degree like donning a graduation cap embroidered with the words "And now it's time for margaritas." Or better yet, "Hire me." Take a look at these 30 funny graduation caps that show just how real these students' lives are about to get.

1. She will go far, indeed.

2. This student wanted out, fast.


3. Don't show this photo to her 9,000 cats.

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4. Who needs a degree when you're an expert Googler?

5. Because a talking sponge who lives at the bottom of the sea is a perfect role model.

6. That's all you really need, right?


7. Maybe not. Sorry, Spongebob.

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8. Drake lyrics are too powerful and inspiring to fit on only one hat.

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9. When you need to remind your friends, family, and fellow students that partying was far more important than studying.

10. Wine was the perfect elixir for your pre-exam anxiety.

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11. Memorizing ridiculously long Starbucks coffee names was far more important than memorizing the 206 bones in the human body.

12. Five letter word for something that will scar students forever. L...

13. O...

14. A...


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15. N...

16. S! Loans! Loans! Loans!

17. Of all things, she chose an oblique reference to Martha Stewart's nescience of spell check.

18. Owl delivery is just a terrible, terrible thing.


19. According to Urban Dictionary: "Giuls is generally a young, beautiful girl, who is a boy magnet. But never a whore." Congrats Giuls, Dobby would be very proud.

20. Your graduation congrats on!  Herh herh herh.

21. The dark fire will avail you, young Gandalf.

22. It's not that difficult to spot the drug kingpin of the senior class.

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23. Everything still seems meaningless after commencement.

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24. Saving the best pun for the last great day of your life.

25. He learned everything he knows from the front page of the Internet.

26. The one person you can blame for your four years of pain and struggle at school.

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27. When all else fails, turn your cap into a Craigslist ad.