Students share everything their schools had to ban. It'll make you nostalgic for yo-yo welts.

Students share everything their schools had to ban. It'll make you nostalgic for yo-yo welts.

In one of the best crowd-sourced nostalgia trips of all time, redditors of all ages shared the items, actions, and even words their schools had to ban. One thing quickly became clear: Pokémon has been screwing everything up for 20 years. You might think Pokémon Go is a big deal in 2016, but in 1999, Pokémon cards were every middle schooler's most consuming anxiety. At least kids these days don't get tricked into trading their cell phones.

Students share everything their schools had to ban. It'll make you nostalgic for yo-yo welts.

1. SpeedyCarz66 reminds us all why camera phones are truly the worst.


Someone decided to make an instagram account consisting solely of porn with teachers' heads photoshopped onto the pornstars' bodies.

2. Slinthetic shares how kids at his school turned "buckle" into a curse word.

The word "Buckle." I kid you not. Back in grade 7 a few kids in one class had it as word on a spelling test and thought it would be funny to just shout it out randomly. The teachers, believing it to be a code word for something more sinister, decided to outright ban the word across the school.

Needless to say, the faculty became the brunt of many jokes both from students and their parents.

Students share everything their schools had to ban. It'll make you nostalgic for yo-yo welts.
Also banned words.

3. Stay with this story from HearachetoHouston until the end, and it will make sense. So will the ban.

When I was in high school we got permanent markers banned. Someone organized a game of Assassins where everyone is given a target to "kill" and if you're successful you inherit their target. It was $1 to enter and the winner gets the jackpot. We had around 150 students out of the 600 in the school participating. The objective was to mark your target with the sharpie on their skin and they were then declared dead. This could only be done in the hallway or the cafeteria, not in class or off campus. Well our vice principal decided she wanted to participate saying that if she won the money she'd use it to buy something for the school. Fair enough we thought so we let her in. Well one of my friends ended up with her as a target so in between classes one day he sneaks up behind her and does his best Sam Fisher assassination attempt, grabbing her mouth and slashing her throat with the sharpie. Well that was just too much emotional stress for our poor VP. She took his sharpie, had him serve ISS and forced us to discontinue the game. No more sharpie's could be used by students or staff. And no one knows whatever became of the prize money either. We kept it in a jar in our principal's office so no one could take it. So we all hated our VP even more than we did before.


4. Egnards shares one that's so relatable to 90s kids, it's already being made into 15 different clickbait lists.

Pogs and Pokemon cards in elementary school. Pogs because of those metal slammers they were afraid we would use as weapons. Pokemon cards because kids liked to show off their 1st edition Charizards and thefts and "buyers remorse" trades happened often.

Edit: holy shit wow this blew up. My most popular post now, by double, is about stupid school administrations banning my childhood addictions. . .i suppose it could be worse.

Students share everything their schools had to ban. It'll make you nostalgic for yo-yo welts.
Not as fun as anything on your phone.

5. Ah yes, how easily blankets become a sex toy for hormonal teens. From MTGKaioshin:


It was the south and they keep the A/C on too high because it's so freakin hot outside. Girls would wear shorts to be cool when outside, but they'd get too cold inside. Thus, the blankets to keep their legs warm in class.

Of course, blankets are opaque. And, they were already being used to cover up legs. Well, if a girl started sharing a blanket with a guy....yeah. Things could get a little handsy.


6. Meds4you went to school in a Lewis Carroll young adult novel.

Two-way hallways. Sounds crazy, right? The principal and his staff thought that it'd be a smart idea to have one-way hallways in order to cut down student traffic. If your locker was right around the corner, and you had to go against the traffic in order to get there, you had to walk ALL the way around. If you passed your class on the way to your locker, you had to make two circles around the building. This significantly increased tardiness and write-ups. Terrible idea.

7. Aren't you glad you don't go to middle school anymore? From the grateful GratefulGengar:

Hugging in my middle school, because if we hug our genitals might accidentally engage and we can't have that happening


8. Jvpanos tells a quick and brutal story.

Steel rulers - some guy bashed the shit out of a bird with it

Students share everything their schools had to ban. It'll make you nostalgic for yo-yo welts.
Still dangerous.

9. Finally, michaelisnotginger shares a ban that actually has an academic reason behind it.

It was banned to share your Latin set texts translations with other people due to the volume of money a few of us made selling versions on the black market. Thanks Cicero; your Pro Caelio paid for an iPod

Edit: because a few people have asked where this was, this was a Scottish boarding school where all translation websites were blocked by the school filter! And I did Classical Greek too, though that was a much smaller market!


10. This guy's story is not academic. But again, a 90s hallmark.

Candy necklaces at my middle school. One day a couple of my friends came into the playground before school started with a candy necklace each, which immediately got everyone's attention. After we all demanded to know where they got them and how much they cost (from the corner shop down the street and 10p as I recall) one or two others said they might go and get one for themselves before school started. That "might go" turned into them sprinting to the shop once one kid figured out how to weaponise them. Holding one piece of candy between their teeth, stretching forward the elastic and biting down, it would catapult pieces of candy at whatever it was aimed at. That morning a few kids bought a candy necklace each, and played a game of firing bits at each other. The next morning all 400 kids that attended that school were engaged in all-out necklace war, every single one of us must have had at least one and our own technique for maximising the firing rate. After doing our best recreation of trench warfare all morning and having the kind of fun that only comes with an entire playground full of kids all playing the same game, we were all ushered into the assembly hall to be told that candy necklaces were now banned. Nobody lost an eye, just in case you were wondering.


11. Kids used to do "around the world" and hand out concussions like candy. Darxe knows.

Yo-yos. Kids turned them into flailing weapons, some kid nearly lost an eye. Those were the days

12. And Black_flag_4ever ​suffered from the worst dress code imaginable.

Looney Tunes characters on your clothes. It was the 90s at a shitty school.