"Please, bust a N.U.T.!" This is the literal message on some well meaning but Not Safe For School flyers supposedly spotted on the wall at Seabrook Middle School outside Houston, Texas.

The sister of a student at the school shared a photo of one of the flyers on Twitter, where it went viral, of course.

"My sisters middle school put these flyers all around & i honestly have no words," she wrote in the tweet, which has been retweeted over 12,000 times since yesterday morning.


"Please, bust a N.U.T.!" reads the flyer, and it then explains:

N - Never Abandon your friends!

U - Understand your friend's feelings!

T- Tell your friends how you feel!

N.U.T. all over your school!

UMMMMMM W.H.U.T.??? Those are all great pieces of advice. But the presentation is.... odd, to say the least.

It's possible, as one person theorized on Twitter, that whoever made these flyers legitimately didn't know the meaning of the phrase "bust a nut" (to prevent further mistakes, it refers to male ejaculation, school administrators!).


Or maybe someone on staff at this middle school is an aspiring comedian who should save their "blue" material for open mic night in the future. It's also possible these flyers were posted by a student (or teacher) as a prank.

We can't confirm.

What we can confirm is that Twitter is going N.U.T.S. over the photo, and the responses are hilarious.


Worst case scenario: someone gets fired or suspended over this. Best case scenario: the students keep mum and somehow none of the teachers know what "bust a nut" means, and the flyers get to stay.