It is a known fact that middle schoolers are awful. Take for example this story of a middle school girl who was bullied by a cool kid in her drama club.

The story, posted to reddit by a girl under the username grantchart, tells a disturbing yet familiar tale of classic middle school bullying.

"... is an ugly pig."

This happened when I was in junior high school. We put on a musical, and I was stage and props manager. My mom was super cool and paid for a local place to print up t-shirts with the poster for the play on the front and the names of the cast and crew listed on the back. All of us got one, and we all signed each others' shirts at the cast party.

Among the signatures and encouragements was an anonymous one, much larger than the rest, that read "grantchart is an ugly pig." I didn't notice until the next day, so I spent the entire evening walking around with this hateful thing written on my back.

It didn't take a lot of detective work to track down who had done it. I was pretty sure right away anyway, and apparently he'd bragged about it to several people. That, and the fact that nobody had said anything really really hurt.


What a little punk. Middle school is just so hard. Fortunately, once our insulted stage manager got her confidence back, she set about on enacting her revenge.

Time came for the Spring drama club production, and the asshole scored a major role. During the play, he was supposed to hypnotize other characters on several occasions, using a dangling pocket watch as the "focus."

I got to be stage and props manager again.

"Opening night came, and he got two surprises

Revenge one:

First, each of the major actors had little "bio" paragraphs next to their roles in the "playbill" (the program hand-out for the play). Everyone else's had things like who they were, their class year, what other productions they'd been in, and so on. His had all of that, with a small addition that stated "[asshole's name] is also fond of writing disgusting offensive insults on fellow cast members' crew t-shirts." Because, yeah, the stage manager [me] was also in charge of getting those to the printer.

Totally fair call out. But that was not the end of this middle-schoolers rage.


Revenge two.

Second, he NEVER got his pocket watch prop. He was supposed to pick it up from a small table just off-stage, but it's hard to do that when the stage manager doesn't put it there. So he had to go out in front of the entire audience and hypnotize the other characters with a pocket watch he didn't have. And he was a bit stupid so he didn't think to change his lines to reflect the fact that there was no watch. So instead of maybe wriggling his fingers and saying "focus deeply on my fingers," he just stood there and said "focus deeply on my watch." To make things worse, one of the other actors actually said "what watch?" as an unintentional ad lib line. The audience laughed like crazy, and I could see him turn almost purple in embarrassment.


Ok, yeah, that last part was petty af and ultimately hurt the whole production, but... it's middle school. They'll get over it.