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22 middle school teachers share the most embarrassing things they've caught students doing.

22 middle school teachers share the most embarrassing things they've caught students doing.


Being a "tween" is not easy, and middle school can be a landmine of potential humiliation for kids trying to navigate school and budding hormones while also trying to fit in with their peers. Even the "cool kids" experience moments of shame at this age (I wouldn't know first-hand). And no one is more aware of how awkward and mortifying middle school can be for kids than their teachers.

Someone asked middle school teachers of Reddit: "what is the cringiest thing you've seen a student do?" These 22 teachers share their stories of the most awkward and embarrassing things they've caught students doing:

1.) From famren:

Director of Technology here. I don't really have much to do with the kids at the school I work at, but I definitely have a cringy moment.

Called down to the Middle School from my office to debug a problem for a teacher. The classrooms in this building all have two doors. One door opens into the building hallways, the other opens to the outside.

My office is across a field from the Middle School, so I decide to just cut across the field and enter the side door to the classroom instead of going all the way around the field and entering the classroom from the hallway.

Bear in mind that these outside doors are almost never used by anyone except for an occasional fire drill.

I open the door and step in to see a room full of students facing away from me and towards their teacher.

The student closest to me scrambles to click X on her browser but not before I see full on, hardcore, yaoi hentai.

Did I mention I work at a Christian Private school?

She turns bright red and with visibly trembling hands she closes her laptop lid.

I burst out laughing, which interrupted the class.

The teacher looks to me in questioning confusion and the students stare in silence.

I casually walked over to her and said (loudly enough for the classroom to hear), "Let's not look at memes and Facebook jokes at school guys".

Her flush red face contorted with fear suddenly relaxed. Her trembling hands stilled. I laughed again and went and debugged the wireless access point issue I was called down for.

No point getting her expelled over hormonal changes and curiousity.

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