Most of us have had at least one teacher that really mentored us and changed our lives in a positive way. Something tells me Marian Sims was probably that teacher for a lot of people.

Mrs. Sims is a retired teacher from Lexington, Kentucky. She loves all of her former students (46 years worth of students, to be exact) so much, that she purchased a literal billboard with her face on it, to put up in her hometown, just to make sure her students know she loves them.

The billboard reads:

Mrs. Sims still loves you & prays for you!

You & your families have all blessed my life in so many ways. Be safe & continue to bless this planet.

Thank You & God Bless You

Rembember... "Love Love & Hate Hate"

Mrs. Sims said she decided to put her giant thank you billboard up close to the holidays so more of her former students would see it. "I put it up close to Christmas time when a lot of people are coming from far away," she told WKYT.


As she nears her 70th birthday, Ms. Sims said she felt that she needed a way to thank each one of her former students.

"This is helping them understand that they have created joy in my life, my whole life. For 46 years, it has shaped who I am and what I'm about," she told WKYT, getting emotional. "They changed my life."

I have a hunch that Mrs. Sims might've changed a few lives herself.