Seniors prank freshmen with very detailed penis inspection.

Seniors prank freshmen with very detailed penis inspection.

High school pranks are one of the traditions that should stick around, unlike shaming girls who bring their boobs to prom. Redditor w4steyute shared one example of a prank that was such a success, it should inspire more. While by no means an original idea, this penis inspection prank was a fine example of excellent execution.

As reading in depth about a (fake) penis inspection may be a little hard to swallow, here are the key highlights:

But why my penis?

Any scent, musk, or "dick cheese" detected or observed by [redacted] will be reported and results in mandatory attendance to a 3 week, school-led Clean Penis Initiative Seminar."

Circumcised? Uncircumcised? Does it matter?

There will be two separate lines formed in the cafeteria on the day of inspections. Circumcised members will queue on the right, while uncircumcised members will queue on the left.

Boys have enough penis insecurity. They don't need this added pressure.

But I feel that my penis is too small...

Phallic length and girth will be measured (both flaccid and erect), however the results will only be seen by your Vice Principal prior to being put in your personal Student Terse Directory (or STD).

Important Information:

Students with penises 9 inches in length and greater will be posted in Vice Principal [redacted]'s Personal Phallic Hall of Fame, and will be invited to a breakfast honouring their achievement.


The flyer is signed by the "Vice Principal and Head of the Phalliological Committee," who is no doubt taking on a third job right now of chastising the senior class.