Stephen Dwyer​ survived leukemia​, but was unable to overcome his pedantic high school administration. Dwyer, his year's class president, spent what should have been his high school graduation watching from the stands because, as Teen Vogue reported​, he was 2.5 credits shy of receiving a diploma. Instead, Dwyer gets to walk next year at his Arizona school, with a bunch of kids he doesn't know.

Stephen is headed back for surgery right now to get his port out!! If you have a second to say a quick prayer for him, his surgeon, and nurses we would appreciate it! Oh happy day!💙

Posted by DwyerStrong on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The reason behind the kerfluffle is that during his junior year, Dwyer underwent intensive treatment for leukemia, and subsequently was too preoccupied with his fighting for his life to sit in algebra class. Despite attending no classes at his Arizona high school, Dwyer was still elected senior class president. The kid is well-liked as well as eloquent and hardworking, as this post shared on his Facebook page shows.