You got duped, kid. THIS IS YOUR ART FINAL. 
(via @Two_Drew2)

High school students in May usually ask if they can have class outside on nice days, but one high school student taking Art in Round Rock, TX, is asking if his class can get out of studying entirely. Andrew Muennink, the fella up there who is using his wits to get out of improving his brains, talked his teacher, Cindy House, into letting him substitute a massively popular tweet for his entire class' final exam.

Explained Muennink to ABC News, "I try my best and the final is supposed to be hard, so I was like, 'I have a lot of followers on Twitter.'" That's like showing up to a piano recital and announcing that you didn't want to practice, so for the audience's enjoyment you will go climb a nearby mountain instead. They're both hard, so they should be equally valuable.

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