WHO APPROVED THIS? A high school in Taiwan has come under fire after it hosted a parade in which students dressed up as Nazi soldiers and carried swastika banners.

According to The New York Times, Hsinchu Kuang-Fu High School held the parade as part of its anniversary celebrations. The parade focused on Adolf Hitler, a theme which was apparently chosen by the students. Videos, like the one below, and images from the parade went viral and sparked a worldwide outrage. Again, I have to ask, WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?


Ah, my question has been answered. Apparently the widespread criticism of the parade led the school's principal Cheng Hsiao-ming to resign earlier this week. Cheng apologized and told local news outlets that he took responsibility for the incident. He said that he believed the issue was "our education's problem," not "a problem created by the children."

According to the Times, history textbooks in Taiwan focus on the fighting in Asia during World War II, which has led to a lack of awareness about the events in Europe during that time.


The Chabad Taipei Jewish Center issued its own statement about the parade, saying that it regrets “the use of Nazi imagery and logos by students in Taiwan, as it reopens historical wounds suffered by the Jewish people.”

“Certainly it’s not meant to be an act of anti-Semitism,” Ross Feingold, the chairman of the center said of the parade. “Holocaust education is extremely limited here.”

At least we can say these high school kids didn't really know what they were doing? Does that make it better? Worse? Let's go with, "Shouldn't have even happened in the first place."

Sources: New York Times