There's a reason everybody gives teachers an exceedingly high amount of credit. Yes, they are gifted and talented people who impart their knowledge to us, and our children, and shape the minds of generations. Plus, the pay's not good and kids are jerks.

But for all their superhuman qualities, teachers are actually human, and sometimes they break down in the middle of class. Students recently took to Reddit to share the most shocking teacher meltdowns they've ever witnessed in the classroom.


1. Teaching the seventh grade, as the subject of this story from trogdortheman did, it's miraculous they didn't do this every day.

Oh boy. 7th Grade. There was a real trouble maker in my school, he just showed up that year from a much different area, a much bigger school with a very different atmosphere from my school. My school was very small and everyone, for the most part, had respect for the teachers. Perhaps the respect came from it being such a small school and not being able to blend in...i'm not sure. Anyways, this guy was a real troublemaker and liked getting all the "good kids" involved in his shenanigans. He was always interrupting and ignoring the teachers and generally just trying to stir up as much conflict as possible. Now since every moment of class was full of his nonsense I can't recall exactly what set of this particular teacher on this day...but whatever it was...She completely lost it, started just spewing out swear words, ripped her glasses off her face, threw them to the ground, they broke in two. She then flew out of the room and punched a locker and stormed to the office.


2. A-B-C, MaoMeowed. Always Be Conjugating.

Grade 9 French teacher started screaming at us for not conjugating a list a words for homework (which she didn't even assign to us). She started yelling about how it was "the worst disgrace of her life" and how badly we had "embarrassed her".

By not doing the homework she didn't assign

3. And the man of whom introspeck speaks eventually became the runner-up for the 2016 Democratic nomination for president.

In my 8th grade history class (around 1970) the teacher passed around a book about the evils of communism. I'm in the US, and I suspect the book was mandated by the school board during the height of the cold war.

The teacher asked us to skim the book and went back to his desk. After 15 minutes he got up and asked for our opinions. Several kids offered predictable answers. He looked like he was waiting for something, but he didn't get it. "Anyone else?"

Suddenly, he slammed his copy of the book down on a student's desk and practically shouted, "This is BULLSHIT!!! Propaganda!! Are you just going to swallow it without questions? I don't care if you are for or against communism, I want you to look at it critically and tell me what you really think!" That made a few students bold enough to share real opinions. The rest were still stunned that a teacher said "bullshit."

The next year the school fired him, supposedly because his teaching credentials weren't in order. Never mind that he'd been teaching for 18 years.


4. OdinTheTurtle saw a teacher slap a kid, or rather tunde, in Latin.

I don't know if it really counts, but our former latin teacher once slapped a kid across the face because the kid made fun of her dead husband. She got suspended shortly afterwards. Edit: The teacher got suspended, not the student.

5. At least this teacher of chicken_on_stilts had the kid get out of the desk first.

7th grade history. Teachers first name was {I shit you not} Kermit. Student was chewing gum, putting on makeup, chatting, and reading a magazine during a lecture. Kermit calmly walks over to her desk and orders her to get out of her seat. He then lofts the desk-chair thing above his head and hurls it over three rows of students to the cinder block wall where it smashes to pieces and falls in a pile on the floor at the back of the room. Then commands the student to go sit back down at her desk. She goes and sits on the pile of steel frame and plywood, and Kermit continues on with the lecture. I've never seen such a red, angry, bearded rage face in my life.


6. Turn that frown upside-down, laterdude. Now.

After our class picture, our first year teacher declared "New rule: every day is now class picture day. I want to see smiles from each and every one of you every single day!"

The class let out a collective groan and the teacher said "C'mon, turn those frowns upside down!"

She kept at us for a good month on the smile policy. Keep in mind, this was during the '90s. The class was divided evenly amongst Goths, Grunge and Gangstas. The only thing we agreed upon were that smiles were for pussies.

The meltdown came the day she brought in her karoake machine and attempted to sing Tim McGraw's Just to See You Smile. We just sat there stone-faced as usual then she tried to ham it up just to get us to laugh. But nothing. We were all too tough to show any humour or heart.

And then she broke down and started blubbering. "I just wanted a smile . . . is that too much to ask?"

Apparently it was because none of us even had the goddamn common courtesy to offer her a tissue. Next day, she went resting bitch face on our asses and word on the street is she hasn't cracked a smile in twenty years.


7. A teacher of Fuzzymentalist was a real glasshole.

We had an art teacher who had one glass eye. A student who had a rep for being an asshole (from a whole family of assholes - his sister beat me up in infant school) unwisely decided to stick his head around the door to the art room and yell, in a voice that could shatter glass 'Oi! Harris you one eye jack!' This did no go down at all well with Mr Harris, who terrified most kids. Cue manic Welsh art teacher chasing student over the playing fields with a tent spike. The whole class was looking out the window following the chase - all it needed was Yakety Sax playing as a soundtrack!


8. OwnerOfABouncyBall did Nazi this one coming.

I went to school in Germany and once when we had our history class, the lesson started off really weird. The teacher started dictating to us a math problem, in which you had to calculate what the costs are for treating disabled people and how much the state could save if there weren't any disabled people. Most of us immediately realized, that this was one of the propaganda math problems, students in the third reich had to solve. We were kind of confused, since the third reich was not the topic which we were discussing at this moment. Nevertheless, we wrote down the problem and even started calculating, when the teacher suddenly snapped. He began to scream at the whole class with an intensity I have not witnessed before, about how we as the students should have rejected, solving a task like that one. How we were educated to question everything, but still obeyed when he gave us a task which discriminated against disabled people. He was s furious that he left the classroom and only returned after half an hour. We spend the rest of the class, talking about the dangers, that a new movement like the nazis could arise again in Germany and how we always need to be aware of that..


9. User mountain_dew_cheetos witnessed an emergency: a civics emergency.

I had an American history class with a professor who looked just like a penguin. Anyways, he started to talk about the 1700's and going into more detail about the US constitution. With each passing minute, he got more and more excited, which meant he got more sweaty and tired. It didn't help that he was quickly walking back and forth. Then all the sudden he just stops and doesn't say anything for a few moments. Then he said "Everyone can leave, I need to think about the US constitution now" and we just left and nobody seemed surprised or even talked about it. We were maybe 20 minutes into the class.


10. Blah, blah, blah, aristoclea.

A university professor actually.

She would teach and constantly complain about three girls who sat near the back for talking/ being on their phone. One day she made a big scene, took down their names and left dramatically. This was a huge lecture hall of 100+ students, I heard them laughing once, but never anything else. I found her fixation on these three intolerable.

During the exam, the rooms were organized, what seemed to me as horribly by last names. Not alphabetical, random last letters in different groups. She had seated the three in the same room and loudly spoke during the exam for a few minutes to distract them. Except there was 40+ people in the room.

I'm still bitter because it really distracted me.


11. Some things turn men into monsters, dxm65535. War. The quest for power. Trivia.

In high school, they would do trivia questions after the announcements sometimes, and the first teacher who dialed the office with the correct answer would get a prize for the class. My math teacher really wanted to win, and hadn't yet this year.

So one fateful morning, the question goes out, and we had the answer, so he called it in, but we were the second caller.

In a fit of pseudo-rage, he yells "DAMNIT!" and kicks this little plastic trash can across the room, where it bonks a kid right in the head. His eyes go wide and he apologizes and asks if the kid is okay, which he is. Everyone got a good laugh afterwards, including the kid who got hit, and later, we would pretend to duck whenever we didn't win the morning trivia contests.


12. It's how gillyyak's teacher communicated with other teachers across town.

In engineering school, one of the profs was teaching a stats class. In his class was a woman of cluelessness massive. She'd ask questions even if the answer had just been discussed.

He handled it well at first, then became more and more frustrated.

One afternoon, she asked yet another dumb-ass question (yes, there are stupid questions). He stood and looked at her for a good 15 seconds, then walked to the window, opened it up, stuck his head out, and screamed wordlessly.

It was epic, and the whole class was in various states of laughter and shock.


13. Not even a tuba could protect the classmate of rangemaster.

I was in band. One day, one of the regular always in trouble/disruptive students was being extra disruptive while the director was trying to tell us something important. So after about five different times of going the normal route to get him to settle down, he cracked.

It got quiet and then the director bellowed "[Student's Name]! ARE YOU STUPID, OR JUST DON'T GIVE A SHIT?!, the whole room was quiet, all eyes were now on the disruptive kid who was then trying to hide behind his tuba, then, the director continued with his announcement like nothing happened.


14. Artists suffer, DinosaurBabygrow

We had an art teacher in year 7 (11 years old) who would lock himself in the supply cupboards and scream and rip his hair out. It was unsettling..

15. If you're looking for stories about teachers going aggro, this one from PippaPig is a lock.

We had business studies class in a room where the door could be locked from the inside. Our teacher had to come from the other end of the school, so most lesssons we were all there before he was. Every lesson without fail someone would lock the door, then everyone avoided looking at him banging on the door to be let in (It was similar to when the velociraptor looks through the door in Jurassic Park).

Usually he would give up, then go a find another teacher, and someone would unlock the door then everyone would deny the door was ever locked.

Near the end of term, instead of his usual banging and calling peoples names, he got a fire extinguisher off the wall and started battering the door down. Everyone was then too scared to let him in.

When we came back after break we found the door had been totally removed.


16. ImaDinosaurR0AR saw Teacher Hulk SMASH.

A Spanish teacher I had in High School ended up having a meltdown on the day of the final exam. The whole semester my class had been pretty chatty but really nothing that out of the ordinary.

On the day of the final there was an event that set her off. If I remember correctly he was talking during the exam (his cell phone may have gone off instead, its been awhile). She proceeded to attempt to pick up the desk with a 17 year old sitting in it and slam it on the ground.

The kid got up and then she flung the desk along the floor slamming it against the door and told him to finish his exam outside. Then she proceeded to tell the rest of us what terrible people and students we were.


17. Teachers are true to their word, especially this one that taught pyronius.

First math teacher I had at my new school was immediately famous for being a nervous wreck. She'd been hired a few months beforehand and was already twitchy and on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Spring break came and we had a week off. That friday during my class she just gave up. Stopped teaching, sat down, and nearly in tears declared "I'm going to my sister's house! I am goibg to sit by the pool and I am going to drink margaritas and forget about this place!"

She never came back. A week later class started back up and another teacher noticed a line of students outside her room. She had just never shown up. Didn't tell anybody. Just gave up and took a permanent vacation.