A teacher from Massachusetts withdrew a college recommendation for a student after that student made a swastika on campus, because, wouldn't you? And now the teacher has been suspended, Enterprise reports. My reaction to this story can only be summed up in this gif from Judge Judy:

In November, a student at Stoughton High School was caught making a swastika out of tape on the wall at his school. The student also allegedly made a "comment about Hitler" at the time. Reports of hate crimes are on the rise since Trump won, so you'd think the school would take especially swift action to properly discipline this student, and support teachers who do the same.


That's not what happened.

A teacher at the school who had written a college recommendation letter for the student who made the swastika apparently called up the college to withdraw her recommendation. She was subsequently suspended for 20 days. And two other teachers were sent disciplinary letters for "discussing the incident"—one in class and another with other teachers at the school.

“The student believed that he was being targeted, creating a hostile environment for him by members of the faculty because of his actions, despite having already been disciplined by the administration,” said the school's superintendent Marguerite Rizzi in a letter to the staff, obtained by the Enterprise.


Ok, so let's refresh: a student who made a swastika on the wall of the school is somehow the victim of a "hostile environment?"

The Massachusettes Teachers Association (MTA) is on the side of the teacher and called her suspension an "injustice," which sounds right to me. "Educators will not allow bigotry and hate to take hold in our schools," MTS President Barbara Madeloni told the Enterprise. "Nor will we allow those who speak and act against hate speech to be silenced."


Clearly, this school has some issues with bigotry since this was the second "swastika-related incident" at the school in under a month. Police were contacted but decided neither qualified as a hate crime. And while the boys were "disciplined," parents were not notified by the school about these incidents, according to the Boston Globe.

As my grandma would say, "oy gevalt!"

A GoFundMe that has been set up for the teacher, who will miss 20 days of pay, has already exceeded its goal. I hope she gets a job at a new school, stat.

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