"I'll be your gym teacher, Dale Irby. But once a year, I shall transform into a magical dork."

Dale Irby just retired this year after 40 years of teaching gym (which was still called "gym" when he started) in Dallas, TX, but also after 40 years of taking his yearbook photo in the same incredibly dweeby outfit every year:

"Ok, this year I'm gonna look like a tough gym teacher. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm adorable."

See, Mr. Irby was a gym teacher, and as those of you without good enough excuses to get out of gym will remember, gym teachers generally wear sweats and a whistle every day. So when he got his yearbook photo back during his second year of teaching, he realized to his chagrin that he was wearing the same one of his (presumably limited) non-gym-shorts-based outfits as his first year.

Sources: | Dallas Morning News