Teachers resign after they're caught mocking 'idiot' students on Slack.

Teachers resign after they're caught mocking 'idiot' students on Slack.

Time to revert to shit-talking the old-fashioned way. The private group chat app, Slack, was hacked, and the first to go down were some annoyed teachers at a prep school.

Rhode Island charter school Blackstone Valley Prep's Slack conversations got hacked via a teachers email address on Monday, and that address was used to email the school's students, faculty, and staff a Google doc containing 18 pages of screenshots of private conversations between teachers.

And. They. Were. Mean.

Student Hudson Deighan opened the email and found a conversation in which a teacher she considered to be a mentor mocked her to another teacher.

“Here’s how Hudson spelled Ta-Nehisi Coates: Tonahese quotes.” her mentor wrote.

Minutes later, another teacher responds: “[expletive] idiot.”


Come on! Who amongst us knows how to spell Ta-Nehisi Coates? Who amongst us just had to Google who that is??


It's not often you'll want to defend a prep school teenager, but give this girl a break, she's 16 and she's trying.

Here are some other excerpts of conversations teachers allegedly had over Slack, as reported by the Providence Journal:

"Man I wish we could hit them," writes one teacher. Another responds, "Move to Arizona. Though really no school districts allow, by state law you are allowed to. Start your own charter and commence with the flogging." She responds: "lol"

"Did you ever hear from Hudson's mom?" asks one teacher. "I did not," responded another. "What a loser. Truly. There is more to success than where you go to school. Clearly Columbia doesn't provide access to parenting programs, or if they do, she didn't take advantage," he writes back.

"Lying [expletive] scum," writes one teacher of a failing student's parent, using a Spanish curse word. She continued, in all caps, "I CANNOT WITH HER I HOPE HER STUPID SON FAILS ALL OF HIS CLASSES."

"HE IS FAILING FIVE CLASSES," writes one teacher. Another responds, "[Expletive]IDIOT. Let him know if he [expletive] up again he will be in my HR. And I will not be so pleasant."


And all those students saw that. Hudson's dad, who spoke to the Journal, said of the school's leak, “the hacking is not your problem, the problem is the aggressively toxic environment your teachers have created for your youth.”

While the school hasn't released the names of any of the teachers involved, three teachers have already resigned in disgrace. Just goes to show, if you don't have something nice to say, say it face-to-face.