7 teens who were banned from their proms because their outfits were too awesome.

7 teens who were banned from their proms because their outfits were too awesome.

Ah, prom. That one magical night for you to say goodbye to the last four years of being told what to do by your teachers. Unfortunately, some of these teachers just can't seem to let the power trip go, and they kick students out of prom for looking dope as hell instead. Here are seven students who just looked so good at prom, it was against the rules. 

1. This babe with the too-good cleavage.

You can take my dress away, but I'm keeping the cleavage.

Amy Steverson was halted on the way into her prom because her dress was too "revealing." If you're scanning up and down to figure out what was being revealed, it was that cleavage at the top. Her dress is gorgeous, and there's no more cleavage shown than on a Disney princess. They eventually said they'd let her in if she wore her vice principal's suit jacket. That's gross on so many levels. #freethepromdress

2. This out lesbian whose tux was too lit to get into Catholic school.

Her hair is perfect too.

Even though Aniya Wolf had been wearing pants every day to school, it somehow became unacceptable attire for her prom. An out lesbian, she just wanted to wear what made her feel comfortable. Clearly, it made the school officials very uncomfortable. Even though Wolf was warned ahead of time that she would not be admitted if she wore the tux, she wore it anyway because she looked good af. The school threatened to call the cops if she didn't leave. In solidarity to Wolf, a bunch of the other students decided to wear pants to school the next Monday, but Wolf was a class act and tweeted, "Thank you to everyone who had the idea of wearing pants tomorrow, but you do not have to wear anything that you don't feel comfortable in." 


3. This girl who made the dad chaperones uncomfortable because she was too hot.

What did these dads expect? For all the students to look like their ugly kids?

Clare Ettinger wore such normal teen prom attire, but apparently one of the event organizers told her, "some of the dads who were chaperoning had complained that [her] dancing was too provocative, and that [she] was going to cause the young men at the prom to think impure thoughts." Which seems like it means that they were thinking impure thoughts. If anyone should have been sent home, it should have been the gross dads. 


4. This chick in red jeans.

This outfit was good enough for every member of Blink-182. Why not prom?

Despite it not being clearly against the rules in their school's dress code, Shafer Rupard got the boot because she was wearing red jeans. Check your dress codes, schools! These students just want to be part of the outdated tradition of prom like all the other kids. Not to mention that this look was totally cleared by Justin Bieber at the  2011 VMAs. 

5. This openly gay teen who also wasn't allowed to wear a tux, so she just didn't go at all.

When you're into women, you gotta boy-cott. 

Claudetteia Love was told ahead of time by her school that her wearing a tux would not be permitted. She's been openly gay her whole high school career, and it never once caused a problem until the prom. That's when school officials decided to take a stand and refused to let her wear what every boy at school was encouraged to. So Love didn't go to prom, she went to the mat and boycotted the whole thing. 

6. The cleavage was too strong with this one.

That look in her eyes says, "Screw your prom, I'm wearing this dress every day for the next year."

School officials told Brittany Minder she could wear a strapless dress if it didn't show too much cleavage. But come on! Do you know how hard it is to find a strapless dress that covers big boobs? It would be easier to just find a school system that didn't shame their students' bodies. 

7.  And finally, this hottie who was almost showing midriff.

Just don't lift your arm, and you're good. 

The school guidelines stated specifically that backless dresses are acceptable, but Mireya Briceno was still kicked out because you could see some of her midriff when she lifted her arms. 


Here she is with her arms lifted. 


They should have lifted that midriff ban instead.