Everyone remembers that one scandalous thing that happened during school, like a prank or a fight, that was so shocking everyone refers to it as "the incident." At my school, it was the time a student found one of our teachers in an old issue of Playboy. Remember yours? Here are 13 stories people shared on reddit about their school's incident to help you jog your memory.

1. ​verita remembers the good ole laxative chocolate days.

In middle school some kids put laxative chocolates in donuts and handed them out. The school went on lockdown. The police came. Kids were crying. Kids were pooping. Kids were looking for some donuts to get out of class. It was an interesting day.


2. ​taoz's senior class had a modern day hero.

I have a friend who got expelled for planting a keylogger on one of the administrative computers in High School. Changed everyone's grades in his senior class to A's. Apparently they had no backups (or else he deleted them) because he helped a couple people graduate high school that day. I believe he got caught after attempting to retrieve the keylogger by rappelling through a skylight.

3. No one could ever forget reinwall's bathroom pooper.

In elementary school all the boys got sent outside the last hour of class and lined up because someone had smeared their shit all over in the men's bathroom. they told us to all hold out our hands and would send us back to class one by one after looking at them (I know now that they were looking at our fingernails because most kids arent smart enough to clean under them).


4. ​​​ajones321 is sticking to over the counter cold medicine from now on.

Junior year. A sophomore boy put a sealed container of chicken noodle soup in an empty locker next to the Chemistry Room. It sat there for months, easily 5 or 6, until somebody thought about it again. It was brought up in Chemistry class (11th grade) and our Chemistry teacher took a pair of tongs to the locker and planned to dispose of it once and for all. His hands were too shaky that day and as soon as he lifted it out of the locker it fell, spilling the entire cesspool that the chicken noodle soup became. He immediately ran back to his room, screaming 'Oh God! Shut the doors! Shut the doors!' and hilarity ensued.

The smell was indescribable. Raw sewage, rotten chicken, fermented noodles all mixed into one. I have never and probably will never smell anything remotely close to it again. The smell permeated the entire floor and even seeped down a stairwell next to the spill to the classrooms immediately below.

The day of the disaster everyone gagged as they traveled through the halls. Luckily it happened during 8th period, last period before we went home. A hazmat team was called to take care of the spill, just in case there were airborne diseases.

For the rest of the school year, the teachers lit candles in the hallways and in their classrooms but the smell never left us. It stayed all summer and even into the next school year until it finally went away altogether.


5. Hungtington will really make you wonder what a school barn is.

Exchange student from Scotland went around fucking any guy she could. She was finally caught in a gangbang in the school barn with like 5 other students.

6. ​AFRICAN_BIG_COCK will give you another reason to never become a gas station attendant.

Some girl was stringing this guy along and invited him to a party implying sex as a result of him showing up, he got there and everyone sprayed him with shaving cream and made fun of him for thinking he had a chance so he went to the gas station and filled up a 5 gallon jug with gas and went back to the party and lit her car on fire.


7. nkdeck07 remembers when a kid really put his foot in it.

Kid managed to put a pencil through his foot in the middle of lunchtime.

I was still in line and saw the entire cafeteria stand up and go running towards the windows. He'd apparently been trying to break the pencil by stepping on it but instead managed to put it through his foot (to the point where it came out the top). There was so much screaming

8. branchout's pranksters probably could have gotten away with this one.

Senior prank consisted of dumping month old fish into the air duct from the roof. They couldn't figure out what was going on at first, school was closed for a week, hazmat was called, and ultimately after the police got involved for vandalism the kids responsible fessed up and got community service hours. Good times.


9. ​larkster's private Christian school found Jesus.

At a private Christian school a girl in 12th grade got pregnant. According to the official rules, she was supposed to be expelled to protect the school's 'image'.

Instead all the teachers and principals got together and decided that that's not what Jesus would do, and that the rule was idiotic. They didn't expel her and gave her all the support she needed during the pregnancy and after.

10. dharawal has a great reason to never underestimate your opponent.

One of the big 6ft plus "tough" students who had a bit of a reputation as a bully and troublemaker decided he was going to try and intimidate one of the art teachers under the mistaken impression that just because Mr Scott was only 5 '5 in his socks and about 55kgs wringing wet that Mr Scott would be a pushover.

He didn't know that before Mr Scott trained to be a teacher, Mr Scott was in the Army, and whilst he was in the Army Mr Scott was the divisional weight champion for boxing in Australia. He tried to push Mr Scott out of the way and when that didn't work he tried to punch him, Mr Scott punched him on the jaw and knocked him out.

And before anyone says it was wrong, this was 1977, my school still had corporal punishment, teachers could and did smack you round the head if you were being a dick. You certainly never ever laid a hand on a teacher, talking back got you the cane or ruler. So that's why this was the biggest incident at my school.


11. strugglebusdriver437 knew some legenary bandits who never claimed their glory.

Someone stole a urinal from one of the boys' bathrooms in high school. All year the principal went on about how if we knew anything we should come forward because "we must stop the Bathroom Bandits!" Of course no one came forward because once the Bathroom Bandits had a name they became legend. I never did find out who they were, but someone found the urinal three years later, hidden under some stairs behind the auditorium, a good distance from the bathroom it was taken from.


12. pics-or-didnt-happen's story is a complete touchdown.

A girl in our school just disappeared one day.

Rumors that she was pregnant, etc.

Some glitch in the system had her on the honor roll every semester. They'd call her name in assembly every time.

Well, I knew her, she wasn't pregnant, just dropped out and when I told her her name kept getting called for honours, she thought it would be hilarious to actually show up and collect her gift cards (that was the prize).

So she did... With a fake baby in her arms. Then spiked the baby on the stage.

Damn Jess, you were nuts.


13. And finally, Lorale, who has the video evidence to back his story up.

Some kid jumped off the second floor balcony on to a giant christmas tree. Then it happened again a few years later. They don't put up Christmas trees anymore.

You can watch the actual jump here.