Before going into his third year at the University of Texas in Austin, Joel Weber didn't feel like spending $800 a month on a gross, barely livable student apartment. So, he took a year off from school and built his own house: a luxurious, 145 square-foot house.

"Hi, I'm Joel, and this is MTV's Tiny Cribs." (Via Metro)

Weber designed the house himself, and with $20,000 culled from his own savings and donations from people in and around Austin, he built a house the size of a Manhattan apartment, but far more luxurious and more affordable (because it's rent-free).

It's necessarily very space-efficient. Weber's house features two loft beds, a shower, and a pretty nice kitchen. The house is wired for electricity and has full plumbing.

"This is where the magic happens. And also where I make tea." (Via Metro)

Sure, he did spend $20,000, which is a lot more than $800, but consider that, unlike you post-graduation, he has a place to live if he needs one. Or he can sell it.

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