I'm 29, and it's very unlikely that I'll ever apply to grad school at this point, yet this note still filled me with fear and dread a solid 7 years after I graduated from college. I don't know why you would sign up for a 7am class (which is also why I don't know why anyone would pursue a useful major, instead of studying Diplomatic History and becoming a comedy person), but if you do sign up for one, make sure you know full well what your professor's opinions on attendance are. There's a good chance that you'll get someone who doesn't care if you just read the book and come to class whenever, but if the professor actually wants you to listen to his or her words, keep in mind that this could happen to you. Finally, if you're someone who enjoys taking 7am classes and makes them all on time, congratulations on your future career of ruling the world, because you terrify me and I will not stand in your way.