"AP Language / And Composition" - I see what you did there. (via reddituser213)

We've all been there: you were assigned a certain number pages for your essay, and there is just no way you're going to make it. It could be because you're much more elegant with your language than your classmates, but it's probably because you're lazy. In any case, you're going to have to fluff out those lines to get this document over three pages, and fast. Everyone thinks they invented this stuff (just look at the comments when this image was posted on reddit to see a number of people who literally think they invented this stuff), but really, there are only so many tricks in the book. Make all the periods in the document a slightly larger font size (hard to notice and increases the space between lines), move those margins in just a little bit (this was easier in the days when converting a document from PC to Mac would actually screw it up - since I had a PC and my school had Macs, I would wait to print until school and then use this one a lot), experiment with very similar but slightly larger fonts, adjusting the spacing between letters, all sorts of fun tricks. You can only do each one a tiny bit, however, or any attentive teacher with a ruler (yes, a ruler) would catch you.

Sources: reddituser213