11 ways to help someone stay sane during finals week.

11 ways to help someone stay sane during finals week.


For your friend who gets hastily done on a desk.

You're exhausted, stressed out, jittery from all of the stimulants coursing through your veins—you need a study break! Below are some of the best ways to encourage your friends, discourage your "friends," and vent your frustration about the worst period of the best period of your life. Share them on Facebook and Twitter or avoid studying by making your own



Maybe switch it up and Instagram a stack of books you're not going to read.



It's the American dream!



For the person who only gets attention when people are trying to cheat off their exam. 



Taking study drugs is a great way to stay focused on a long night of drinking.




Unless of course you majored in "Moving Back Home With Mom and Dad."



Sex is so much more thrilling when there's a risk of getting caught in an avalanche of books.



We have enough experience for a PhD in social drunkenness. 



You'll probably end up with a mind-numbingly depressing job no matter what.




That six-figure debt is probably the only six-figure thing in your future.



You're just another nameless cog in their machine!


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