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19 people share their wildest secrets from high school.

19 people share their wildest secrets from high school.

There's a reason so many TV dramas take place in high schools—because the combination of teen hormones and the rules of academia (for both students and teachers) make them rife for drama and secrecy. Someone asked Reddit: "What’s your wildest high school secret?"

These 19 people share the wild, juicy, and disturbing secrets they either were keeping, or found out about someone else, in high school:

1.) From Charming_Use_223:

The school has had 4 microwaves blown up, over the course of 4 years.

The first time I told a guy to put in a pack of raisins, explosion.

The second time, some freshman put in bag of sour patch kids, explosion.

The third time, a senior put in 8 bags of popcorn into the single microwave, explosion.

The fourth time, someone put some sort of metal thermos in it, explosion.

Also, there have been 3 sexual encounters in only one bathroom in the 4 years I’ve been here

Watched the school roof get set on fire

5 of our band directors over the schools history have gotten fired for having relationships with students

Sources: Reddit
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